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Spilling A Trail Of Kosher Salt, As She Went

[Above: The Poowes taking in a snowy day at the Dyers' Cottage. If you don't think they're cute, you're a heartless SOB, who deserves a big lump of coal in your stocking.] This Brangler isn't happy. On the evening of December 18, 2009, just before a foreboding mauve-colored sky began burying the D.C. Metropolitan Area under nearly two and a half feet of snow, I was headed towards Capitol Hill along the Eisenhower Freeway, where I saw many HUGE salt trucks lined up on an overpass. These trucks were of the industrial-sized GMC variety you might see servicing a construction site, and a fellow Penn Brangler later told me they had also seen these trucks lined up along the Ike. My own mother, who'd traveled that same freeway, early Friday evening, told me she had seen the same, large salt trucks, there. It would all make sense the next day, as the snow piled to over a foot and kept falling, when a neighbor would tell me that the D.C. government had a sand surplus--mor