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By Mel Dyer Every year, I see people, online and off, speculating what LGBTQA Pride is - gay Mardi Gras, gay Fourth, gay King Day, gay Memorial Day, gay Valentine' Halloween? It's all that and more. Go to an event, introduce yourself, talk to other humans - see for yourself. Learn. I've been the only Catholic in Anglican mass, the first Afro-American at a bar for Cinco, the only Mexican American at a Nigerian birthday gala...the only str8 pal in the drag bar! PRIDE isn't a UFO. Go to a film festival or parade and meet some people! Introduce yourself. See them. Talk to them. Learn. Live. In the celebrations of many cultures, with social justice struggles, ..great JOY has been purchased with great sacrifices and courage. People are posting the documentary film, STONEWALL FOREVER, all over the web, right now, because so many don't KNOW the history. So, if you haven't seen it, want some perspective, ..see it, right here (below), on YouTube! To the struggling,