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By Edgar Miraculous Dyer Some thoughts on the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement. I think... 'Black lives' will really matter, when I can leave my doors unlocked, at night, ..east of the Anacostia, in DC. Afro-American lives will matter, when I can drop my mother and sister off at an old, run-down shopping center in Southeast Washington and not give their safety a second thought, ..while I run errands. We are the only ones, through what we do with, to and for each other, everyday, who can make our lives truly matter, each other and to the world. Until we realize that we are enough, without dashikis or luxury sports cars or the right handbag - that we've always been enough - nothing else we do will matter... And nothing will change. I believe in GREENWOOD. I believe in group economics. I believe in educating our children to be the next generation of job-creating entrepreneurs, institution-builders, legislators...civic and world leaders. I believe that you can't