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By Mel Dyer "... Emily is a successful PR executive who seems to have everything going for her: she owns her own firm, has a wealthy inheritance, and a beautiful daughter...when a woman named Lily shows up on Emily’s doorstep claiming to be her half-sister, Emily takes her in with open arms...even invites Lily to start working at the firm. She is family after all. Emily is suddenly poisoned and ..." from The dark star of this cable TV thriller is pretty clear. In Joy Nash 's performance, theatrical wit recalling Kathy Bates, Karen Black and Bette Davis flows, like poisoned honey. It is a nuanced exercise in dramatic danger that dominates, even when she is not onscreen, layered and cryptic as the pedals of a black flower. Her restraint is as puzzling, as it is mesmerizing! Nash is the black hole gravity center of suspense of this thriller. You can enjoy LMN's hot, new thriller, 'Twisted Sister', and all of her sublime, gorgeous, quirky g