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Mexicans of African Descent Established Los Angeles on This Day in 1781

A picture of the Old West we're not used to seeing (photo from Pride. This Mexican American of African descent - fourth generation in the U.S. - who has never even been to L.A., has nothing, but, pride,  over here...

One, Big, Little Living Room That's Big Enough For All Of Us..And Coffee!

There're a lot of empty living rooms in Silver Spring. (Photo from I like coffee, and THIS is the BEST COFFEE in the entire WESTERN WORLD! I wrote a review of Zed's Café and One Big Living Room, many years ago, on a now defunct WordPress blog, and I might have described little else, but, the coffee, ..which is phenomenal. So, this time, while there is much to praise about this legend of Silver Spring hospitality, I don't want to diminish that one, indisputable fact. Phenomenal coffee! Go anywhere else, where you are poured a cup of coffee, and the quality of the coffee that you will find at Zed's Café will surpass it, every time and at every hour of the day. How does proprietor, Zed Mekonnen, do it? He has a gold standard. Zed's Café, in Downtown Silver Spring, delivers the promise of what a cafe serves, coffee, and that standard is never compromised. Ever. The quality of the coffee - a cup of Nirvana, every time - and the paninis a

Memorial Park Spring Clean-up In Penn Branch

Bring rakes. Bring bottled water. Bring lawnmowers...and, for God'sake, bring your KIDS. Give our young Penn Branchers a sense of pride and purpose, the foundation for true self esteem, by enlisting them in the work of keeping our neighborhood clean and beautiful, ..and they will appreciate, as much as we do, what a special place Penn Branch is to all of us. They have a right to feel proud of where they live ..and the hard work it takes to keep Penn Branch worthy of that pride. I grew up in Penn Branch, ..and I am still very, very proud of that. Bring your kids to Memorial Park Spring Clean-up. God bless all of you.
Fighting racial fanaticism on TWO fronts, while honorably serving our nation in World War II, and THEY never gave up. Their proud standard has been cast in blood, sweat and hope. We are still here, because they never gave up. Neither can we...