Friday, February 27, 2015

Pot now legal in D.C. despite threats from Congress

Smoking marijuana and moderate possession is now officially legal in the District of Columbia, and, in spite of Republican opposition on Capitol Hill, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) is standing by the change.
Legalization of marijuana in D.C., through Initiative 71, which was voted on in 2014, is about so much more than a lifestyle acceptance or liberal social engineering. Mayor Bowser's defense of decriminalization is also about refusing to allow thousands of D.C. area youth and African American citizens, who are grossly over-represented in arrests and prosecution for marijuana-related offenses - to continue to be victimized by unfair enforcement of anti-drug laws. As of 2014, African Americans in Washington, D.C. - most of whom live east of the Anacostia River - were eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession, than whites.
I am so PROUD of my mayor, today, ..and I voted for Carol Schwartz. No kidding. I am proud, because she is principled, courageous and, most importantly, because she is standing up for her city.
Mantente fuerte, Mayor Bowser.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Davistown or Skyland City, New Columbia?

A rendering of Skyland Town Center from
Ever wonder what would happen to our neighborhoods, if Washington, D.C. became a state? Will our eight wards become eight, new counties? Will the Advisory Neighborhood Councils, within those eight wards, become distinct and exciting, new towns?
Imagine the possibilities!
Imagine that hilly, historic, pseudo-suburban ANC-7B, with Skyland (above) as its downtown nerve center, is now an incorporated city in the new 51st state of New Columbia. Georgetown will surely be its capitol, ..but, what should our new, shining city on a hillcrest be called?

1. Davistown, New Columbia - taken from historic Fort Davis
2. Hillcrest City, New Columbia - named for historic first neighborhood of ANC-7B
3. Naylorville, New Columbia - taken from ANC-7B designation, Naylor-Dupont
4. Randall City, New Columbia - named for the first developer of the Southeast hills
5. Skyland, New Columbia - inspired by what might become Downtown ANC-7B
I think 'Melville' has a certain classically American charm, ..but, no need to rush! Just submit your choice in the poll, to the right of this box, ..and see you in New Columbia!