Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Liquor Store...Seriously?

Penn Branch Center is getting another liquor store - Penn Branch Liquors. The old one went belly-up, and D.C. is popping another snugly into its place. Nothing new going on in these Southeast hills.

We're getting another liquor store, when it needs a decent cafĂ©/grill, where I can meet and chat with our neighbors - as does Fairfax Village Shopping Center, where I live. In spite of the sizeable number of African American families, who worked very hard and sacrificed much to buy houses in Penn Branch, the liquor store's owners appear to be Asian American and, like all local merchants, will be warmly welcomed and patronized. It looks very well put together, at the site, and I must remember to post some pictures of that, next time.

Not making an issue of this, really. I think most of the small businesses that are leasing offices in PBC happen to be owned by African Americans. Just the same, an elegant or fashionable Soul food restaurant would be much welcome, would a Mexican or Italian restaurant.

Honestly, I'd sell my soul for a good cannoli or a vat of exotic coffee. How about an Ethiopian coffeehouse (...Zed)? Diversity can and should be delicious.