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A Bowl A Day ..Keeps The Rats Away!

A little water, and he's patrolling the backyard for varmints. [Photo from] The front and backyards of my mother's red-brick, Penn Branch cottage are crawling - CRAWLING - with the silliest and most adorable stray CATS, who are hard at work, catching and eating any shrew, plestiodon, squirrel, rat or mouse that comes within ten feet of the place. So, ..only  once a day, ..we've started feeding these little rascals, ..knowing that the summer heat, hunting for food and occasional scraps with other cats can be brutal for them. Still, they expect so little, and they are so, so loyal, while also being decidedly independent and keeping a respectable distance, really can't ask for better neighbors! Loyalty? Ha! Try finding that, this close to Capitol Hill. Not asking you to feed all the stray cats, east of Big Dirty! Hell no...but, be a pal, when you can, by filling up a spare bowl (not too deep) with nice, cool tap water and putting it out, wh

Weekly Local Crime Updates from the Washington Post

Off-duty police officer shot, near Southern Avenue [Photo from Washington]   "D.C. police are investigating the body of a man that was found Thursday afternoon in...Southeast Washington..." Crime Scene - Washington Post     "...Three people were carjacked — one victim was shot, another stabbed and a third briefly abducted...east of the Anacostia River..." Crime Scene - Washington Post     "A burglar armed with a gun broke into a house near Northeast Washington’s Capitol Hill shot...Several people were the inside the house..." Crime Scene - Washington Post     Southeast hills natives, like myself, know we have to take the good with the bad, ..though it's not nearly as bad, as local news media tells the rest of the city. Keep up with local crime news, at's Crime Scene. Be safe, out there, my friends. Dyer

Holding Your Head Up In These Southeast Hills

Southeast Hills is the new title of this blog, replacing the mockingly pretentious 'Near Capitol'. Capicostia and Near-Capitol were both very well for poking fun at the ugly trend some agents of gentrification have indulged in re-branding old D.C. neighborhoods. In the interest of spoiling that trend, I have decided to name the blog something more honest and culturally organic to the people, who keep this area going and who have made it a decent place to live - and for me, a great place to grow up. Somehow, in my rush to poke fun at all the re-branding, out there, ..I feel that I very briefly became a participant in it. I can tell you that I sincerely regret that. Ask most people in the wild hills of the Naylor-Dupont district, where they live, and they will tell you that they live in Southeast. They don't flinch or shrink, when they say it, either. They are proud to tell you they live in Southeast, because they have worked very hard to get here and continue to w

Capitol Hill Sign Now Reads 'Downtown'

You will notice a refreshing change, when you're headed west-of-river from Fairlawn, taking the off-ramp onto Kenilworth Avenue and 295. The sign pointing you in the direction of I-695  and the Eisenhower Freeway that once read 'Capitol Hill', now reads 'Downtown', it blamed well should have, a year and a half ago. I remember this being very problematic, when I first started taking Kenilworth onto the Southeast Freeway and into town, ..and still unfamiliar with the new traffic patterns, out here. Studying all of the road signs, heading Downtown, I could not help noticing that there was no signage pointing me in that direction. The only sign that came anywhere close read 'Capitol Hill', which I found a little perplexing, since I know there is actually an ENTIRE CITY, which [I swear!] lies beyond Capitol Hill! If I follow this sign, will it take me to some part of Capitol Hill, from which I can quickly and easily get Downtown or Alexandria? Will fol

Sunset In The Village

  Just read that Life In The Village closed. LITV was a River East blog that distinguished itself, with in-depth community reporting on public forums, local businesses and current and upcoming development projects, ..and it had no equal.  Village creator, Veronica Davis, will likely continue her community service and activism, in and around Fairfax Village, and we will continue to be inspired by her tireless dedication to our Southeast neighborhood. Her blog  will be missed.