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Four Times Journalists Held In Libya Faced Brutality

( As the four of us headed toward the eastern gate of Ajdabiya, the front line of a desperate rebel stand against the advancing forces of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, a car pulled up alongside. “They’re in the city!” the driver shouted at us. “They’re in the city!” Lynsey and Steve had worried that government soldiers might encircle the town, trapping us, but Tyler and Anthony discounted it. We had covered the fall of two other rebel-held towns — Ras Lanuf and Brega — and each time, the government had bombed and shelled the towns for days before making a frontal, methodical assault. When they did, rebels and journalists fled in a headlong retreat. If Ajdabiya fell, Colonel Qaddafi’s forces would be on the doorstep of Benghazi, the opposition capital, and perched on a highway to the Egyptian border, from... Read full story here

Bullied Kid Fights Back: Right or Wrong?

This act of bullying, caught on tape, and how the victim responded, is drawing a lot of reaction from around the world. The kid who was being bullied is said to have been picked on his whole school life. But, after being taunted by another student, he finally snapped and in a physical manner, said “enough”. The question is, while this child is being applauded all over the internet, is this the way to respond? Many experts will say “no... Read full story here

For pets In crisis, nearby Forestville Vetinary and Bird offers comfort and heart

There's nothing worse than having a sick animal friend or pet in your home, who is ill and cannot speak for itself. It's a helpless feeling, and you want to get your pet to someone, who can help them, as quickly and easily as you can. For Capicostia, that doesn't mean popping over to Capitol Hill, Old Anacostia or Northwest D.C., where you know there'll be no parking. It probably means hauling your pets out to Maryland's P.G. County, where parking and lots of space for it is practically guaranteed. That's how I found the Forestville Vetinary and Bird Hospital . It is located on Marboro Pike, right around the corner from the Penn Mar Shopping Center on Donnell Drive, in District Heights, Maryland, ..and it's got more than just convenient parking. FVBH is headed up by Ukraine-educated vetinarian and animal friend-spirit, Dr. Abdoul Diarra , and a caring staff of vetinary students, pet grooming and kennel professionals and vetinary technicians. Rest assu