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By Mel Dyer "... Emily is a successful PR executive who seems to have everything going for her: she owns her own firm, has a wealthy inheritance, and a beautiful daughter...when a woman named Lily shows up on Emily’s doorstep claiming to be her half-sister, Emily takes her in with open arms...even invites Lily to start working at the firm. She is family after all. Emily is suddenly poisoned and ..." from The dark star of this cable TV thriller is pretty clear. In Joy Nash 's performance, theatrical wit recalling Kathy Bates, Karen Black and Bette Davis flows, like poisoned honey. It is a nuanced exercise in dramatic danger that dominates, even when she is not onscreen, layered and cryptic as the pedals of a black flower. Her restraint is as puzzling, as it is mesmerizing! Nash is the black hole gravity center of suspense of this thriller. You can enjoy LMN's hot, new thriller, 'Twisted Sister', and all of her sublime, gorgeous, quirky g


By Mel Dyer At ease, with our own... Knowing our own and what it took to get us here, to this moment. Having respect for that...that's Sevenbeeism. That's part of it. The last three and a half decades, post Civil Rights Movement, post-desegregation, post-riot, post-urbanism, post-inflation, has been rough on Penn Branch ..and the rest of Seven Bee (ANC-7B), generally speaking. We want commercial development - now, it's here - and always have, ..but, not the kind that attracts people, who don’t respect or appreciate the wholesome, small-towny, slightly Cosbyesque thing we’ve got going here–the Brancher Way. If gang violence, over-crowding, loitering and the pungent fragrance of urine wafting up Carpenter Street is the price of having a cineplex and steakhouse burgers and a proper bar in the neighborhood... No thanks! We also like people! We like music, color and laughter in the air! We like carefree retirees, newlyweds, families and big, goofy dogs! We like to work hard an

Penn Branch Community Day and Block Party

COMING SOON TO DC's WILDEST HILL... Penn Branch Community Association COMMUNITY DAY and BLOCK PARTY Inhale the Sevenbeeism. See you there, Brancher! Edgar Miraculous (Mel) Dyer, without his fine, coyote-hatin' Goldiweiller, Kirby (now moved on to that big, coyote-hatin' hate group in the Sky) continues a somewhat bleaker, dogless existence in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC. He has been an active member of the Latino Culture Council of the Capitol Area (El Consejo de Cultura Latina – La Zona del Capitolio) and the Kiwanis Club of Capitol Hill.

Good People Of Penn Branch

[Based on thoughts expressed in "To Fight Another Day", published here, 1/30/10] We are  good people , Brancher. In spite of those who would prey upon and destroy us — of those, who cruise our tree-lined hills with jealousy and contempt for the peace our parents and grandparents have worked so hard to give us — we ought to go right on  being  good people. We live in a place, where you can look straight up into the sky on a clear, starry night and see a flurry of golden, shooting stars raining like gold coins from the heavens ..or the International Space Station pass overhead, looking very much like a traveling planet. We live in a place, where our children carelessly play outside, well after nightfall, and summer lovers steal kisses in the shade of dogwood trees, ..bewitched by the fragrance of Concorde grapes on a passing breeze—where old, silver-haired friends look back on harder times from the cool comfort of a brick patio ..and laugh out loud! We live in a truly blessed p


They'll be watching for SHOPPERS unloading groceries, idling cars...drivers inside. (BKV Group original photo) By Edgar Miraculous Dyer Morning of Friday 24th, 2023 - There was an ARMED carjacking, outside the Capitol Hill Safeway, on 14th and D Streets SE, Washington, DC. Two armed assailants carjacked a white, 2012 Ford Focus with DC tags around 12:30 a.m. The following is taken from accountings of the crime, I have already posted to Twitter and other social media: "...Assailants pretend 2B joggers or walkers to blend in with Capitol Hill locals. They might wear black, dark or otherwise nondescript sportswear. Expect to see them in a pair, walking together or close - one runner build, one stocky thick. They might wear ski masks, w eyes showing...They may NOT be walking closely together, but will probably be walking within sight of each other, to coordinate their actions - look for that... THIS is crucial. They'll likely be looking, watching for SHOPPERS unloading groce

Capicostia Christmas - Our 2012 White Ford Focus, Bumper-to-bumper

Celebrating CHRISTMAS, merrily driving off from old SHEEHY FORD dealership, NEW car! This was filmed December 22, 2011, possibly. A right, proper and belated Christmas, if we missed you!

Man accused of raping, carjacking men at gunpoint in Prince George's County...meeting through dating app

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'Peeping Tom' caught...falling through ceiling of women's locker room!

Capicostia, ..are we serious?!

DC man turns self in after decapitated body found in backyard...

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