Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SH's Best Home, This Month: Old Southern Elegance In Fairfax Village

The house at 3607 Suitland Road is another GEM in the well respected, sought-after, safe, middleclass neighborhood everyone, west of the Anacostia, is talking about - Hillcrest, of course!

On first glance, this house's pillared veranda recalls the stately, Georgian mansions of the Old South, ..and elegantly enough to impress. It's a great home for a young, urban professional in a quiet, tree-lined Southeast Hills neighborhood that looks and feels alot like Van Ness or Friendship Heights, with the cafes and night life of Capitol Hill, barely seven or eight minutes away! Perhaps, you should ask D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, if the Safeway and the post office are close enough to comfortably walk to, ..since he's in the neighborhood.

"The Mayor's just around the corner from me," sounds none too shabby, at all. I do it all the time.

On that note, the house's homage to Southern colonial style leaves its Victorian-look glass door oddly matched. A fully wooden one, painted ONE color, would be in better taste.

While the property is listed in Fairfax Village, it should be understood that Fairfax Village is, itself, actuallyin Hillcrest, ..and Hillcrest is about to be very close to Walmart and a very nice town center. The time to buy in great Southeast Hills neighborhoods, like Hillcrest, Fairfax Village or nearby Penn Branch (where I grew up) is right now!

See 3607 Suitland Road for yourself, here, on Weichert.com.

Mel Dyer