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On Speaker Nancy Pelosi Ripping Trump's $#*+ Up, After The SOTU

"Alone, before a pack of wild, hungry dogs...", take their measure, stand your ground ..and, if you are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, rip up a State of the Union speech.  

Will Trump’s Nigeria Visa Ban Create Unintended Opportunity For America's Most Highly Educated Immigrants?

by Mel Dyer "...With Nigerians being the most educated immigrants in the US , there’s been a swelling of talent in business and professional circles, including some of the world’s biggest companies . It follows a long history of the US as a popular destination for Nigerians seeking tertiary education (economic spending of Nigerian students in the US last year reached $514 million ) with the aim of getting employed in the US and, possibly, resettling there after obtaining green cards. “That path no longer exists but, for me, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing,” says Aboyeji. One possibility could see an increase in returnees to Nigeria and possibly working remotely for US employers but there’s a more intriguing prospect for Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. “Some of these people can also decide to come and work for high growth African companies,” Aboyeji says. “That could be critical for the ecosystem going forward..." The Donald Trump Administration's speculatively

No/Más - Claustrophobia - 12/7/19 - Atlas Brew Works - Washington DC

by Mel Dyer Live music, nightlife, culture...bla'bla. Not over here, kangaboo.  Not in Capicostia. This video takes a peek at what the hottest clubs in the Atlas (H Street, NE, between Union Station and Hechinger Mall) have to offer. It's about a month old. Enjoy it, anyway. What does this have to do with you or life in Seven Bee, the so-called Pennsylvania Avenue Corridor? Not a bloody thing, of course. Get used to it... And watch.

Marvel Studios' Upcoming Black Widow, A Special Look

Apartment Hunting Near DC

by Mel Dyer A few months ago, a cute vlogger couple went apartment shopping, near Washington. What does this have to do with life, between the Hill and Anacostia? Not a bloody thing. Stories about cute, optimistic couples happen, somewhere else...everywhere, but, here. Nobody wants to come here. Nothing worth sharing with the world happening, over here... Most of the time. Get used to that. Then, look at this video. [You can always send me some current news and prove me wrong, Capicostia.]