Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Will Trump’s Nigeria Visa Ban Create Unintended Opportunity For America's Most Highly Educated Immigrants?

by Mel Dyer

"...With Nigerians being the most educated immigrants in the US, there’s been a swelling of talent in business and professional circles, including some of the world’s biggest companies. It follows a long history of the US as a popular destination for Nigerians seeking tertiary education (economic spending of Nigerian students in the US last year reached $514 million) with the aim of getting employed in the US and, possibly, resettling there after obtaining green cards. “That path no longer exists but, for me, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing,” says Aboyeji.

One possibility could see an increase in returnees to Nigeria and possibly working remotely for US employers but there’s a more intriguing prospect for Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. “Some of these people can also decide to come and work for high growth African companies,” Aboyeji says. “That could be critical for the ecosystem going forward..."

The Donald Trump Administration's speculatively racist travel ban on Nigeria, counter-productive to America's development of a strong IT workforce, poses a temporary setback to the African nation's growing technology and telecommunications industry, at a crucial time.  Nigerians, preparing to thrive in the surrounding global market, will almost surely turn it back around on them, ..into economic success, at home.

Count on it.

And when a future Democratic president trashes Trump's travel ban, some of those highly educated, law-abiding, entrepreneurially inclined Nigerian immigrants may be looking to settle their families, right here, in Seven Bee...cultural gentrification! [Hope so! We need that.] That, among other things, is what the above article ..has to do with us.

Anyway, the headline pretty much says it all.  Read it, Capicostia...


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