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A Hospital And Whole Foods For St. Elizabeths? Where's My Sowfeest Pentagon?!

I thought the Department of Homeland Security was moving its main headquarters (Nick Fury, Captain America, heli-carrier and all) right into the East or West Campus of the old St. Elizabeth's sanitarium. I'm not talking about a satellite office, either, ..and not an annex sharing space with the Coast Guard. Apparently, I was wrong . I imagined this was going to look something like a second Pentagon, out here. For the last two or three years, I've been imagining what Congress Heights would look like, with slightly ominous military choppers buzzing around it, around the clock. I've been drooling with envy over the strong local police presence and consistently reliable public works commitment that I imagined would be the result of DHS setting up shop, there - of how that would become the new normal for a surrounding community with a fluctuating rate of daytime robberies, pod-snatchings and other troubles. Everyone here, between Anacostia proper and Capitol Hill, has