Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Shining City On A Hill, ..Again!

Check out the plans for the new Penn Branch Center... right here on!

Check out the airy, light-friendly glass and steel architecture, the environmentally conscious green roofing, the restaurants, the sidewalk cafes and the people! Imagine spending a Saturday afternoon, dozing over your laptop at Dunkin' Donuts or Panera or Caribou Coffee! Imagine heading down to a bar for drinks with the fellas on Cinco de Mayo! Imagine celebrating your whatever with your whoevers, amidst the primal, smokey scent of STEAK on the grill, wafting up and along Carpenter Street! Imagine all of the schemes you'll have to come up with just to drive by this place, without pulling over for something.

You'll never get downtown. You will never see Capitol Hill, again.

And speaking of downtown, imagine the GATED PARKING that will end the abusive over-crowding of Penn Branch Center's parking lot by commuters. It's so crowded during the day, it sometimes takes several minutes to get around the lot or to find a parking space.

"I spoke with the real estate broker a while back," Ms. V of the Fairfax Village blog, LIFE IN THE VILLAGE, told me in September, "and the new facade on the existing building and two new pads in the existing parking lot are scheduled for completion in [December] 2010."

Just thought it might be nice to post another link to ICG's spectacular plans for Penn Branch Center, in case some of you missed the original post (now deleted).

Don't know when this thing is supposed to be built, considering that construction was supposed to start on the first of October, and I am still concerned about what will happen to our favorite nighborhood businesses, like Star Pizzeria. As far as I know, the rumours about PBC businesses being moved into trailers, during the big renovation, are still just rumours.

I'll tell you this--you haven't had a chicken cheese-steak, until you've had one with extra cheese, at Star Pizzeria. Yum-mmm! Get down there, Brangler!

Mel Dyer

(Originally published Monday, November 23, 2009)