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No...the OTHER Fairfax!

[Second Edition, 4/14/15]

Now, a confession...

While I grew up in Penn Branch and spend alot of time with my family here, I've had a condo in Fairfax Village for about three years, now.

Nearby Fairfax Village, while not without its challenges, looks pretty much the same as it did, when I was a little boy. With rolling, emerald lawns...stately colonial design, recalling the Georgian mansions of old Virginia...solid, REAL brick walls that hold heat in Winter and get popsicle-cold with summer air-conditioning--Fairfax Village is a River East treasure, the grandeur of which can be attributed to the dedication of its engineers, the wholesome values of its long-standing residents, and the enduring vision, vigilance and high standards of its manager, Mr. James Welch. Fairfax Village is bordered by a neighborhood that has been plagued with crime and other trouble for decades, and it is, for the most, safe, fairly quiet and aesthetically beautiful--a management miracle.

I am really proud of the folks in Fairfax Village, who have kept it from looking like a Middle Eastern war zone. I am also happy to find out that one of its newer residents is writing a blog, Life In The Village! With its sizeable, retired senior population keeping up with their grandkids and people going to and from work, all hours of the day and night, who would've imagined anyone in the Village had time to blog? Amazing--and a great representation of the thinking and very literate River East we rarely see on the local, six o'clock TV newscasts!

Like our furry possum friends, always popping up, where they're least expected, ..may River East continue to surprise all of us.

Mel Dyer


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