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Farewell To One Of Our Finest River East Teachers

The mother of Bryan, my best friend [I have a few.], passed away this morning, around 5 am at the Washington Home (headquarters of the Washington Hospice Centers) in Northwest Washington, DC. Bryan's mother had been a teacher for over thirty years at Anacostia High School and was much loved by the students of its various intra-curricular academies--forerunners to D.C.'s charter schools--for her nurturing heart, strong principles and old-fashioned discipline.

Bryan is one of a handful of close friends, who, at one time or another, have joined me for imported coffee and caramel macchiatoes at Crystal City Underground's Starbucks, in a corner of the shop we called the Rainbow Room, because of its STAINED GLASS WINDOW, plush armchairs and clubby feel. The Rainbow Room Mob loves this guy. My family loves this guy; I love him like a brother, and I consider his late mom a godmother to me. Bryan is handling this terrible loss in his own way, and is in the company of family members, many of whom are going through sheer hell to get to him in this blizzard.

In that spirit, please keep Bryan and his family in your prayers and understand my wish to protect their privacy, at this time. I will share more with the River East community, as it becomes appropriate.

God bless all of us, Brangler.

Mel Dyer


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