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'Carlos In DC' Publisher, Vigilant and Defiant...And A Long Overdue Farewell

"Artista. Intelecto. Periodista guerrero. We need more young writers like this, my friends..."

I once used those words to describe a dedicated journalist, whose understanding and whose substantive and investigative reporting on complex D.C. issues, like poverty and gentrification, has been truly inspired and will be sorely missed on this weblog network.

I once wrote that "anyone calling themselves a journalist in a city as diverse and (often) divided as Washington, D.C. will do well to follow Carlos In DC's lead" and that, amidst "so much routine criticism of the blogosphere by established journalists and politicians, if you are not reading Carlos In DC, you are missing a fine example of how consistently relevant weblogs can truly be."

For that reason and too many others to name here, this Brangler is a follower of the journalism of Mr. Carlos A. Quiroz, today, and will continue to be a follower of his work, now that he has left to continue his crusade on, at the location below...

At the time that I was first introducing myself to the D.C. Blogosphere, Carlos Quiroz, whose work on Carlos In DC I had long admired, was the first blogger of Hispanic heritage to encourage my work, and, as a grandson of Mexican migrant workers, I was moved by that. There was a time not so long ago, when I was considering shutting this blog down, altogether, that I reached out to Mr. Quiroz, and he embraced me as a friend and a fellow journalist. Mr. Quiroz encouraged me to keep writing and, with no regard of some impending competition between us, has since generously shared his news resources with me and other fellow bloggers, that our work might be as well informed as his.

He is a good man and a friend to this entire city, ..and we are all the benefactors of his insight, his tireless dedication to justice and truth, and the gift of his work.

For quite some time, following Mr. Quiroz's example, I have diligently continued to publish this blog, in spite of inclinations not to.

Overwhelmed by my own devotion to truth, I am very disheartened by the circumstances of Mr. Quiroz's departure from this network (explained here).

Mel Dyer

Don't forget to join the crusading Mother-Of-All-DC-Blogs, 'Carlos In DC' at its new location, here.


[Second Edition]


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