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Social Security Is Not The 'W' Word

Social Security Is Not The 'W' Word

One thing that today's political arguements are doing for the general public, is to help us to

understand just what Social Security is. Unfortunately, some of our Congress people still don't seem

to understand what it means. Like me, an older woman in my social Security age range, You may

remember seeing "FICA"(?) as a deduction on your pay stub. I learned years ago that FICA meant

SS. I didn't have the understanding that it also covered payments into "Medicare." In more recent

times this information has been spelled out more clearly on pay stubs. In other words folks, these are

programs we have paid for, along with our employers who are required to match our contributions.

So, double what you contribute is sured for you. ____________ that our money is somewhere

earning interect, so there should be a lot. We receive reinbursements in the form of SS checks when

we arrive at our _______________ age. In My case that was 62 on 65. I chose age 62 in order to

retire to take care of my late husband, which meant I received a smaller SS checks. When we pay into

SS we also cover our disabled children and / or spouses who may have a disability, and they may also

receive a paid - for - by - you checks. If we die before our children reach a cur off age (18 or 22 if in

school), they may also receive a check for that ___________, that you have paid for. Call SS for

more information at 1-877-213-. But remember, SS is not welfare. Many of us don't live long enough

to be reinbured and our family members recieve $255 to help do our final _________ expenses. Even

if some of us receive more than we paid into SS, remember that our family members also p=w. into it

continuously - mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. Greedy Republican in Congress seem to want to

"play games" with our money. I don't want them to even touch mine! Some even suggest that we as

elders, have more money than we need and they want to reduce our checks in older to give the excess

to the cities for schools, roads, etc. - rather that taking fair taxes fromthe super rich.

_______________ me to think about it, having paid more into SS than in DC statetaxes.

Angry citizen


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